Food & Beverage

Modern BI platform built for F&B businesses.

Increase Sales
Benchmark Sites
Forecast Demand
Optimise Labour
Automated Reporting

Align operations

Blent allows head office and properties to be on the same page with access to real-time data. When organisations successfully align their people behind a shared shared dataset amazing things can happen—from the C-suite all the way to managers and individual contributors.

Make data-backed decisions for your business and your team.
Relevant information
Information that is relevant to individual roles / functions.
No Speculation
Speculation don't usually make businesses last long.
Tracking against KPIs, targets and metrics in real-time.

Any data. Any date. Any time.

Blent integrates with your systems to bring all the information you need into one platform. We remove the technical difficulty of consolidating data by doing it for you.

All in one
Everything in a single platform.
Fast consolidation
No more time consuming consolidation of data every month.
One feed
A single feed where everything is aggregated.
Simple reporting
A single reporting language versus having to learn many across different platforms.

Let your data do the talking

Blent provides your business with key recommendations for meeting revenue and profitability targets. Empower head officer and managers on the property level with a deeper knowledge.

Modern BI & analytics
Serve up real-time dashboards for in-depth, consistent analysis.
Integrated insights
Empower your teams to make effective, data-informed decisions.
Data-driven workflows
Build custom, data-driven workflows, saving their small team valuable time.
Custom connections
Create custom API connections with existing sofwares.

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