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Blent is the central hub for your organization’s analysis, uniting data teams and business teams around data to drive business outcomes.
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Modern Business Intelligence

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Data integration

Connected all together, your data has far more value.

Data processes
Our data engineering experts implement continuous delivery processes into every data integration project, ensuring automated and iterative releases. By using Blent, you can work to continuously deliver value to your users while reducing the time required to access your data.
Data modeling
Depending on the different layers of your analytical architecture, our experts implement the best data modeling strategies to ensure the sustainability and the quality of your data visualisation.
Data warehousing
In order to centralise your organisation's data and allow quick access to it, our experts recommend you the best practices for archiving and data warehousing. Different strategies such as setting up a data lake or a data warehouse can reduce the time it takes for your users to access data.
Data security
Your data is a key asset and must be optimally secured. Since your data is hosted in several places, different strategies must be put in place depending on the sharing processes and the storage technologies used. Our experts therefore make sure to secure your data and the applications they develop according to the highest industry standards.
Complex Data Questions
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Data visualization

Modern BI reports and Dashboards.

Custom analytical interfaces
The reports we develop are tailored to the needs of your users and those of your organization. We are able to advise you on the best visualization practices for your industry while ensuring flexibility regarding your organizational context.
Metrics and KPIs developed on a solid data model
The interfaces we develop are based on a solid data model that ensures the evolution of the solution. A data model that is modeled based on your business processes and industry best practices. Based on this data model, our experts develop KPIs and metrics adapted to your analysis context. You will therefore have a solid semantic layer that can be used in several analysis contexts.
Data storytelling
The reports and dashboards we develop speak. Blent integrates several methods into its development process to ensure the implementation of data storytelling in the interfaces. The integration of data storytelling increases the adoption of interfaces and facilitates the interpretation of data by directing users to the critical elements, which optimizes their decision-making.
Involvement of end users
For our entire analytical interface development process, the user is at the heart of each step. Our experts collaborate with users and develop solutions that meet their needs. In addition to being seasoned developers, our experts have business expertise that allows them to support users in analytical thinking.
Drag & Drop
Spin up Bar
Pie charts
Pivot Tables
Multi-faceted, multi-dimensional
Building complex charts is possible with drag-and-drop charting visual analysis that is anything but basic.
Analytical alignment

Implementation, optimization and maintenance of your analytical processes.

Analytical architectures
Based on your current and future analytical needs, our experts recommend innovative and scalable solutions focused on your business and functional needs. Our goal is to ensure that the recommended architecture and infrastructure is suitable for your budgets and your short, medium and long term objectives. Whether for a redesign, a migration or as part of a continuous improvement process, our experts will be able to guide you.
Chief Data Officer as a Service
Consider Blent as your CDO working in collaboration with the various members of the organisation in order to set up data quality management mechanisms, a data governance structure, the identification of automation processes, collaboration, technologies and an analytical infrastructure supporting the organisational vision, visualisation standards and the prioritisation of analytical initiatives.
Analytical maturity level
Visualize your data, then quickly iterate through as many versions of the chart you need to get your point across.
Customer Stories

They switched to Blent and saw results.

Michel Reybier Hospitality

Reduced time to access data insights from days to seconds. Michel Reybier have a projecting adoption to grow by 50% within the first year of implementation and empower employees at every level, from the CEO to Area Directors, to create insights and make better decisions regarding sales and labor.
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Goodnight Partners

More than 22 hospitality venues across the world trust Goodnight Partners’ Asset Management, Development, and Investment services that continuously creates value throughout each assets’ investment cycle.
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