Effectively integrate all your data sources.

Actionable insights in full transparency and agility, without the pain. Blent enables a new era of data-driven hospitality businesses.

Don’t compromise when it comes to data. One single source of truth.

Reduce the repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone tasks needed for manual data collection. Automated consolidation speeds up your financial processes and gives you more time for the analysis and insights needed to drive your company’s sustainable growth.

With Blent, anyone can build custom dashboards

No more fumbling around trying to visualise data in spreadsheets or slides. With our DIY Dashboard Designer, anyone can pull the metrics they need, visualize KPIs in a variety of ways, and build meaningful dashboards–no code or design skills necessary.
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Build and Automate Professional Reports in Minutes

Painstaking, manual reporting is holding your business hostage. Break free with Blent—a sleek, all-in-one report software that could save your team 4+ hours every month.
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Key features

Financial & operational reporting
Automating your financial reporting lets you close the month faster. Cut down on manual data collection, and let the finance team’s true value shine through.
Planning budgeting & forecasting
Get a virtual planning partner that makes it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. Because budgeting and forecasting shouldn’t be a solo job.
Customer behaviour and journey
Collect all the data on your customers - automatically. What they click. Where they go. What they do, even when you’re not looking. All without the need for months of research.
Data consolidation in groups
Combine different data sets in a collaborative digital environment that replicates the reality of your properties. Uncover the right insights to build a powerful business.
Analysis & Scenario modelling
Examine and evaluate possible events or scenarios that could take place in the future and predicting the various feasible results or possible outcomes.
Datahub Enterprise
A complete solution for open data platforms, enterprise data catalogs, data lakes and data management. Open source, mature, fully-featured and production ready.
Customer Stories

They switched to Blent and saw results.

Michel Reybier Hospitality

Reduced time to access data insights from days to seconds. Michel Reybier have a projecting adoption to grow by 50% within the first year of implementation and empower employees at every level, from the CEO to Area Directors, to create insights and make better decisions regarding sales and labor.
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Goodnight Partners

More than 22 hospitality venues across the world trust Goodnight Partners’ Asset Management, Development, and Investment services that continuously creates value throughout each assets’ investment cycle.
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Blent is used by more than 1,000+ teams to create, consolidate, collaborate, and scale hospitality businesses with real-time data.

Thats the cutback on time needed for data consolidating.
Indirect uplifting of Revenue for your businesses.
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