F&B : How to prepare your season

F&B : How to prepare your season

Planning your next season is a big challenge. That's why we have developed specific tools to help you anticipate and plan with peace of mind.
Tanaïs Bareche
June 20, 2024

Planning your next season is a big challenge. That's why we have developed specific tools to help you anticipate and plan with peace of mind.

Our dashboards and automatic reports give you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently analyze your sales and the performance of the previous year. With a simple click, you have access to all the necessary data to anticipate your orders and organize your staff!

Analyze your sales

A deep understanding of your sales is essential for effectively anticipating your orders. By identifying your best-selling products and understanding your customers' habits, you will be able to design a menu that will ensure optimal performance for your establishment.

Ideas of KPIs to analyze:
  • When do my customers only order drinks?
  • What is the time when my average ticket is the highest/lowest?
  • Understanding the impact of implementing a happy hour or a promotion.

With the Sales Dashboard

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With the Product Mix tool

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Performance Analysis HR

The productivity ratio is an essential KPI but rarely calculated effectively. Our filters allow you to analyze KPIs by workstation, giving you actionable KPIs.

Ideas for KPI analysis;
  • The productivity ratio of the Bar team (number of hours worked per drinks sold)
  • Your salary cost / accounting revenue ratio
  • The productivity ratio per employee in the dining room by period

With the Productivity Analysis dashboard

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Analyze your occupancy rate and reservations

Is your establishment full? What are the off-peak periods about which you could communicate?

When to implement your offers? How to optimize your schedules?


Understanding and mastering your occupancy rate is crucial for a restaurant's success, especially during the bustling summer season.

Occupancy rates provide essential data to help optimize staffing, inventory, and overall service quality. Managing this KPI effectively ensures smooth operations, maximizes revenue, and enhances customer satisfaction.

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Reservations Dashboard

By connecting your reservation system to Blent, you gain a comprehensive view of your operations. This integration provides real-time data, helping you anticipate future bookings and understand customer habits better, ensuring your restaurant is always prepared to deliver an outstanding dining experience.
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Analyze your events

The event feature stands out as one of the most exciting new tools on the platform! By incorporating events, you can :

  • Easily identify events added to your reports or dashboards when analyzing your data. Imagine reviewing last year's report to plan your orders or staff. How convenient is it to instantly see if there was an event that could have influenced your results? This is especially valuable in our sector, where we have high turnover rates.
  • Effortlessly include or exclude events from your analysis. Want to look at your RevPar or average ticket for 2023 while focusing on regular business days? Simply utilize the filter to exclude specific events of your choice.

Here are some examples of events you can add to your calendar :

  • High/low seasons
  • National and international events and holidays
  • Local occasions that may impact your business's performance (e.g., town festivals, nearby concerts, etc.)
  • Internal occurrences, positive or negative, that may affect your KPIs (e.g., special promotions for certain dates, maintenance issues, etc.)"

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To go further

With our Blent collection, you already benefit from a 360° view of your activity, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your performance.

You can also create your 100% personalized report and dashboard, delve into the details, explore every aspect of your operations. 

You don't have the time to build your own reports ? You don't know what to look for ?

Write us at support@blent.io our team will be happy to provide you with a quote. With a decade of experience in data analysis for restaurants, we can help to identify clear and effective action levers. For each requested report, we provide you with a customized dashboard, allowing your teams to track their performance in real time, thus promoting optimal responsiveness and decision-making.

Example of a customized report;

Restaurant issue: "My occupancy rate is optimal, and my productivity ratio is good, but I am not meeting my revenue targets."

The solution: Increase additional sales. After analyzing the product mix and sales, the restaurateur decides to focus on the sale of wine.

  1. First step, analyze the situation
    A table is set up to analyze last year's performance;
    Which wines work best? How many glasses of wine are sold on average per table? And at what average price?
  2. Setting up objectives
    Definition of personalized budgets to easily track your progress at a glance. Setting up alerts to be notified by email and to react in time. Don't lose control of your season anymore!
  3. Creation of customized dashboards
    Setting up a management dashboard offering precise monitoring of your results, with a comparison to the previous season, to assess the real-time impact of your actions.
    Development of a dashboard dedicated to your teams, adaptable according to your preferences for the inclusion of numerical data. Designed to be easily shared with your front-line staff, this playful and intuitive dashboard aims to motivate your teams and fully involve them in the accomplishment of their mission.