Maximize Your Profits: Harness the Potential of Your Stock and Order Data

Maximize Your Profits: Harness the Potential of Your Stock and Order Data

Discover the power of operational efficiency and informed decision-making with the integration of Blent and Yokitup. Stay ahead of the game with comprehensive data synchronization and smart forecasting.
Tanaïs Bareche
January 31, 2024

Operational efficiency and informed decision-making are key elements in managing your establishment. That's why we're excited to introduce the integration between Blent and YOKITUP, a stock and F&B ordering management system. By integrating Yokitup data into your Blent account, you can gain a comprehensive view of your activity and optimize your operations.

Yokitup: Inventory & ordering tools

The integration allows you to automatically synchronize data and track real-time stock levels, costs, and product movements directly from your Blent dashboard.

Sharing this data between Blent and Yokitup gives you a complete picture of your activity. For example, you can observe sales correlating to stock levels to avoid stockouts or surpluses. If you find that certain products are selling faster than expected, you can adjust your orders accordingly. Additionally, you can analyze consumption trends to anticipate seasonal demands and adjust your offerings accordingly.

The data integration between Blent and Yokitup also enables you to optimize your cost management. Placing orders has never been this easy; by analyzing sales and stock data avoid overstocking and stock-outs. You can also identify products with low turnover or reduced profit margins. This gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions to adjust your menu and implement targeted promotions to boost sales.

Furthermore, this integration streamlines the planning and forecasting process. Real-time visualization of Blent data allows for better anticipation of seasonal variations, special events, or peak days. By analyzing past trends, you can forecast the necessary resources in terms of staff, stock, and capacity to ensure an optimal customer experience.

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